Festival for the Eno

The Festival for the Eno just had its 37th annual festival. The festival is a combination of music, food, art and activities to celebrate the Eno River. The proceeds go to the upkeep of the Eno River. The festival always falls around the 4th of July. Often it is hot and humid but that doesn’t keep people away.

Morning of the festival

The festival is manned by several volunteers who work to keep the festival fun and informative. The goal is to be waste free so must items are compostable or recycled. Volunteers man the trash areas to ensure all that is thrown away is not wasted.
The music is one of the main draws to this festival. There are a total of 4 stages with music running from about 10 AM to 6 PM. There is a wide variety of music from blues to folk to jazz to rock. Some groups are local, others from around North Carolina and other states.
One of my favorite acts is Ellis. She is a singer-songwriter from the Mid-West and the only time I get to see her is during the festival. Her music is fantastic.

Ellis on the Chimney Stage

Other great musicians…

Hiss Golden Messenger – Durham


Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Boone, NC


Boom Unit Brass Band – Chapel Hill, NC


Tea Cup Gin

The festival has its regulars. This gentleman comes out every year to show off his moves with his Frisbee.


Every year the festival “honors” an inhabitant of the river area. This year it was the skink. The t-shirts had the colorful skink on them and the sand sculpture reflected the animal as well. Every year a group of sand sculptures come and form a scene with the featured animal.
The festival has a little bit of something for everyone. It is one of the best Durham festivals of year and the money goes towards a fantastic cause.

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