The .262

“Run for 2 minutes, party all day.”

.262 poster

This was the third annual .262 run which is a fundraiser for SEEDS. Per the website:

SEEDS teaches respect for life, for the earth and for each other through gardening and growing food. Located in the heart of Durham, we promote principles of sustainable agriculture, organic gardening, food security and environmental stewardship through a variety of garden-based programs.

This activity is the epitome of Durham. There are two runs – the competitive and the fun run. The fun run has some people in costumes, some people who choose to use alternative means to run and some that just walk. Durhamites love to dress up on costume.

.262 raceline

Race line for the fun run

This year some of us decided that we would come in dead last. We achieved that goal and the rest of the day was dedicated to partying.

Fullsteam (a brewery) was the site for most of the activities. There were feats of strength which included the growler lift, growler chug, and bottle cap toss. I chose to sign up for the bottle cap toss and didn’t get one in a bucket but it was a lot of fun.

Fullsteam .262

The other festivities included food trucks and live music. Motorco was the other venue and we spent most of the time hanging out that pre and post “run”. The .262 always ensures a fun end to the month of June. It is great to be around the positive, fun vibe that Durham has. It is a great activity to share with friends so get a team together and have a ball while raising money for a great cause.

.262 Friends



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