I walk in the city with the dogs

Walking is my main method of relaxation. I don’t go over my lines or try to solve the world’s problems, I just enjoy the scenery and the wildlife.

Kevin Whately
During a recent dog walk we all took in the beauty of the city. This is a picture of my spouse and our two dogs Alyce and Riley. They are my love. On this day we were sharing our love with another love of ours – Durham, NC. Durham has fantastic history and the tobacco buildings are in the process of being converted. When I first moved here about 8 years ago Durham did not have much going but it has gone through a lot of changes. There is always a fear that the history that is there will be wiped out with new shinier buildings so I like to capture the images now before more change. 
12003327_10207098484197594_1953861721843845913_n 12002863_10207098483277571_4087551519613864632_n 11999052_10207098483957588_2050633279449952554_n 11998975_10207098481837535_6399131468921193568_n 11960086_10207098483437575_5894361128581500656_n 11960220_10207098481517527_9034407479323874263_n 11986937_10207098480357498_8931714034765187701_n 11996902_10207098481237520_3300762305388036845_n 11998907_10207098485037615_1904710982463615942_n 11954839_10207098483597579_1280822031719608911_n 11221761_10207098484477601_6169461660597337286_n

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